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Virtualization Management

Need new servers to comply with the changing needs and requirements of your business? Or planning to expand your business activity? Today’s business climate is constantly evolving and hence requires you to create an adaptive and flexible environment in order to prevent slowdown. VIRTUALIZING your business environment is the answer to all of the above!
Our virtualization management service offers a vital strategic business advantage. It helps you make sure that you have a solid path to follow by for quick expansions.
Our insightful consultants will help you create a flexible and efficient virtualized infrastructure for your business. We strive to help you maximize ROI & cost saving by offering an integrated, end-to- end virtualized infrastructure for your enterprise. We will assist you in all aspects of virtualization using Microsoft, VMware, Parallels, and Sun virtualization solutions.

Virtualization is the simplest solution to complex enterprise problems relating to IT infrastructure.
How will virtualization benefit your company?

   Increasing server efficiency with regards to processor cycles and RAM. This helps conserve rack space while reducing costs.
   Helps you gain more value from existing assets.
   Minimize cable plant, switch port utilization, cooling requirements and power usage
   Enhance flexibility in developing and deploying new infrastructures.
   Improve disaster recovery preparedness.
   Testing security updates and patches prior to deployment on live systems.

Virtualizing Your Business Evironment

Planning on migrating your business to a virtual environment? We will assist you by evaluating your current system as a virtualization platform and find niches for operational costs optimization by means of virtualization.


   Analyzing current infrastructure
   Determining the scope & gathering requirements
   High-level architecture developmentr
   Transfer of knowledge

Design and Implementation

   Comprehensive design
   Plan for test, staging and validation
   Product acquisition and implementation plan
   Rollout and migration plan


Assessment & Planning Stage
  •    Designing a network architecture which is prepared for virtualization
  •    Creating backup and recovery
  •    Backup for network and server power
  •    Developing a roadmap for virtualization which will include testing piece virtualization, arranging for service intrusions, licensing package optimization, monitoring and virtualization management tools, etc.
Implementation Stage
  •    Developing virtual data centers on host servers
  •    Server migration from physical-to- virtual and virtual-to- virtual
  •    Solutions for distributed server consolidation, hot and cold conversion
  •    VM monitoring
  •    VM optimization
  •    VM back and restore mechanisms

VM Storage Optimization

VM storage will enable you to manage the current storage more efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

VVM Performance Optimization

Once the VM performance is enhanced, more virtual machines can be squeezed onto the host server. As a result one can achieve higher VM density.

VM Rightsizing Automation

The custom virtual application starts a series of VM rightsizing or reconfiguration in order to enhance the performance. This is continuously adjusted to the dynamic virtual infrastructure conditions.


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