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Maintenance and Support

Project completion is just the beginning! We make sure that your system is 24/7 available for the end users by offering an ongoing technical support and maintenance. We help you reduce software system TCO and ensure continuous improvement and optimization for the system to run smoothly and reliably.

All-round support

We offer you a full cycle software support and maintenance services, from round the clock system maintenance to consulting to impartial software assessment. We help you save your valuable time for customers and end user handling.


Our dedicated team strives to stay in line with the cutting-edge technology in order to provide our clients robust and agile software services. We also make sure that your applications and softwares comply with the industrial standards.


We boast a team of skilled professionals with narrow expertise in software maintenance and support. Our qualified tech specialists will solve make sure your software runs smoothly and reliably.


We offer budget flexibility to our clients. You are free to pay only for the services you need. You can choose the service that best caters to your requirement in terms of pricing, delivery option and level of support.

With our application support and software maintenance service you get

Corrective Maintenance

We fix both major and minor issues from logical ones to coding and design issues that hamper the systems functionality and performance.

Ongoing & Adaptive Maintenance

We provide constant upkeep for your software solutions and application so that you can make the most of it for your business. We ensure that the software is updated in time so that you stay ahead of the competition.

Emergency Support

We provide emergency fixes for your software solutions, platform monitoring and round the clock technical support.



We monitor the performance of your core applications, hardware and overall system in order to ensure minimal software downtime. Our efficient support will vigilantly track to see if the system crosses the defined thresholds to prevent the server going down, memory reaching capacity or workstation being overloaded. We offer:

  • Application and server monitoring
  • Network & remote connectivity management
  • Requirements and risk management
  • Backup and recovery

We offer database, mobile apps, packaged software, website/web application maintenance, custom application software maintenance and long-term maintenance. Our services include 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd level support for applications and solutions developed by us or by any third party vendor. We offer:

  • Workaround provision & hot fixes
  • Defect analysis, troubleshooting, and bug fixes
  • Design and architecture updates
  • Service and feature packs delivery

Security Assessment

We help ascertain that the software and applications remain secure and protected so that the system’s robustness is enhanced multi-fold. We conduct regular security audits of scheduled updates for security patches, spyware removal, spam protection, antivirus and network security.

Upgrade & Enhancement

We extend support in developing and implementing new applications functionality. This includes transformation, migration and extension of the current system so that it stays up to date and competent.

Takeover & Maintenance of 3 rd Party System

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Code audit and review
  • Documentation audit
  • Functional testing and analysis
Implementation of Corrective Activities
  • Hot fixes
  • Performance tuning
  • Replenishment of missing documents
  • Planning improvements
Maintenance & Support
  • 27/7 support
  • Scheduled and on demand updates
  • Issue tracking and resolution
  • Backup and recovery


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