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Enterprise Application Integration

Embrace new technology and respond to evolving market dynamics efficiently with enterprise integration help from Glocify. We help streamline high-level business processes so that you can boost your ROI and trim down your TCO.

Glocify Integration Services

Glocify provides enterprises cost-effective, flexible and agile integration solutions, which ensures organizational growth in today's hyper-competitive globalized market.

Analysis and Consulting

Our integration services are enriched by our methodologies. We conduct an elaborate analysis of your business and industry to ensure that we have a clear vision of integration requirements. Further our per-project consulting helps us get on the same page with our clients regarding the budget, deliverables, optimal technology choice and security concepts, etc.

Enterprise Service Bus Implementation

Glocify offers a full-cycle Enterprise Service Bus implementation for large businesses that demand end-to- end integration across a myriad of automated processes and procedures. We drive service-oriented architecture development and enterprise integration based on the latest open-source and proprietary technologies. You can achieve adaptive, extensible and lower-cost operations with the help of our full-cycle services that include ESB deployment and stabilization; complete technical documentation; system improvements; IT team training; support and maintenance.

Hub-and-spoke Integration

Glocify delivers hub-and- spoke integration architecture for various platforms enabling businesses to reduce the liability of scale; increasing business agility and maximizing ROI. We develop and implement integration point that connects your database and applications to a central hub facilitating smooth data interchange and synchronization. This also allows centralized data access and efficient business process management without compromising on long-term and strategic goals.

As the business evolves, you will be able to incrementally integrate more complex applications on-premises as well as in the cloud without re-work or manual coding. Glocify also provides Enterprise Portal Solutions including data mining solutions and presentation layer, which provides a single data access point to several data sources.

Point-to-point Integration and Ad Hoc Solutions

In order to address the unique needs and requirements of businesses, Glocify offers Point-to- point integration. Whether you need to automate data interchange between two applications or have to attach isolated applications to an existing integrated environment; we provide solutions for all your ad hoc needs. Our solutions and service offerings include the following:

Accelerated Time to Market

Syncing enterprise applications enables organizations to respond faster in today’s dynamic IT environment. The dynamically provisioned infrastructure provides first mover advantage and improves time to market.

Reduction in TCO

Complex IT landscapes call for integrating platforms to optimize resources and reduce costs. With our Enterprise Application Integration services you can slash operating expenditures.

Flexible and Scalable Integration Solution

We leverage our technology expertise and extensive cross-industry experience to develop highly scalable and readily adaptable integration solutions.


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