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Customer Relationship Management

Glocify’s customer relationship management solutions ensure that your CRM system support a fine-tuned interactive communication with the clients. And, also gives the flexibility to tailor your company’s policies and marketing strategies to the evolving needs of the customers.

Decision-making support

   Leads and opportunities management
   Product management
   Campaign management, results acquisition and assessment
   Contract and Order management
   Sales cycle & pipeline management
   Corporate data flow & Knowledge management
   Document management
   Collaboration workspaces
   CRM system remote and mobile access

Customer Communication and Servicing

   Inquiry repositories and processing
   Request handling automation
   Customer Helpdesk automation
   Call Centers automation
   Alerts & Notifications automation
   Customer Access Portal
   Integration with customer’s data transfer systems and APIs

Customer Segmentation and Policies

Glocify CRM features help businesses resolve their segregation problems.

Accurately define customer segment

   Formalize and aggregate the historical, financial, and legal data of your customer from both in-house and external sources storages
   Automated segmentation depends upon the data collected, and the rules applied
   Standard computerized segmentation audits make sure that new essential data affects the reassigning of a customer to the other segment

Apply customer policies according to segmentation

   Collect feedback to enhance the strategy, and the segmentation rules
   Automatic notifications for customer-related process participants
   Switch routing, instructions, and restrictions within your financial and processing systems.

Visualize customer statistics per segment in order to promptly distinguish valuable and low-profit groups

   Efficiently allocate promotion, sales, and consumer service resources and efforts
   Securitize to check and compare related actions for dissimilar consumer segments

The Way to Success

In-depth understanding of the client’s specific business requirements and skillful realization of the project are the two keys to the success of any CRM project. And, Glocify follows the same suite; our CRM solution is influential, cost-effective, and scalable.

Therefore, the customers and your employees will be benefited from an efficient organization of business processes and intelligent decision-making, while keeping the risks related to an IT investment to a minimum. And, Glocify also provides professional support at all the phases of your CRM execution.

   Research and consulting
   Development from scratch
   Platform customization
   Existing solution redesign and extension
   User training
   Support & Maintenance


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