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Glocify C++ Capabilities

Glocify is a leading C++ development agency in India. We provide full-cycle development of cross-platform websites and applications, right from project consulting to product development, integration, and then continuous support.

SYSTEM / HPA + GUI + DEVICES: a complete set of technology expertise to cover your needs

Major Domain Expertise

Cross-platform applications

The primary reason to opt for a cross-platform approach is the fact that people, today, are wielding diverse version of Smart phones (Android, Windows, and IOS) to surf the internet. Therefore, it is ideally suited for businesses; those who want to envelop a large database of customers. Our team of professionals has the right credentials in terms of skills and experience to realize cross–platform applications by utilizing vxWidgets, GTK+, Qt, and other toolsets. Glocify builds cross-platform applications of any complexity, from games to enterprise-level application solutions to transform your business idea into reality. Learn more about  c++cross-plateform developments

Native software development

We have been providing quality C++ consulting services and product development solutions ISV’s, and technology-based organizations since the time when we first entered the market. Glocify develops OS-native feature-rich software products Windows, MacOS, including tools, gadgets and widgets, as well as multimedia, and office apps. Learn more about  OS-native product development in C++

Audio and Video Processing Software

Glocify develops tools for efficient streaming and processing of high-performance videos. We leverage both open sources solutions such as GStreamer and XBMC, and advanced multimedia frameworks to speed up the development process of multimedia applications.Our portfolio also contains the development of HD video playback apps, infotainment solutions for a computer-based video player, interactive games, and much more.

   video editors
   media stream broadcasters
   media players, etc.

PCTV solutions

Our project portfolio also contains development of infotainment solutions for computer-based video players, including HD video playback applications with communication capabilities, interactive games, and Internet access,We have built a number of highly efficient solutions (currently used in hotels, hospitals, educational institutions) to help you monetize media content through prepaid and pay-per-view options.Learn more about PCTV solutions

Software for Security Devices

Our proficiency under the vertical of cross-platform application development extends to developing backend systems components for security and surveillance devices. Glocify has the expertise to build reliable close circuit cameras, handy cameras, automatic gating system, turnstile, and much more. We have significant experience working in collaboration with hardware vendors, so that software and hardware part are seamlessly integrated together for high-performance.

High Performance Applications

Glocify has the know-how to develop high-performance applications. Our developers have got the experience to develop object-oriented software which is highly efficient both in infrastructure capacity, investments, and time. By leveraging best industry practices, and professional skills we strive hard not only to achieve high-performance, but also the reliability and the scalability of our delivered solutions. .

System Software Development

Our vast experience covers a wide range of mission critical systems development such as restore, and data backup software. Email archiving, VM tools, data processing applications and many more.



Other: HTML, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, XPath

   STL, STLport, Boost, POSIX, Trolltech Qt, X11, Motif, GTK+
   DirectX, OpenGL, OpenAL
   Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, Carbon, wxWidgets



Web Services: SOAP, XML-RPC, REST

   MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB/2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, BerkleyDB
   MS C/C++ Compiler, GNU GCC, Clang, Intel C/C++ Compiler
   MS VisualStudio, XCode, Eclipse, Emacs
   Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android


    Structure improvements
   Binary translation
   Source code translation
   Data re-engineering
   Program modularization
    Process re-engineering


   Operating systems
   OS version
   Development tools


   White/black/grey box testing
   Unit testing
   Functional testing
   Integration testing
   System testing
   System integration testing


   Structure improvements
   Source code translation
   SProgram modularization
   Binary translation
   Process re-engineering
   Data re-engineering

Hardware-specific Software

Glocify developers have years of experience in the area of software development for direct access and system level operations covering middleware apps for communication with low level implanted software, proficient driver, and efficiency management. Our team of C++ consultants can help you out to build an advanced software application for handy devices, plug-and-play and secondary hardware that may as well run on a proprietary OS.

  • Firmware updating applications
  • Direct hardware access
  • Real-time interchange
  • POS devices integration
  • Device setup, configuration software
  • Smart home and industrial automation
  • Sensors data scanning and processing


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