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Online Billing and Payment Solutions

Glocify provide effective online billing and payment solutions to efficiently handle both multi-revenue resources and one-off recurring return. Plus, our solutions offer the feature of real-time billing, and support business’s individual payment terms and conditions.

It’s All About Security and Compliance

A Business online payment and billing process must compile with the state’s rules and regulations (region of operation), and at the same time safeguard the critical personal information of its customers. Glocify understands the importance of the above statement and adhere to it. We are technically equipped to be your long-term partner, helping you to combat against the potential data breaches.

Meeting Industry-Specific Needs


   Payment Gateways
   Investment Banking
   Retail Banking
   Exchanges & Brokerages
   Market Data
   Service/Items/Products/Custom Units Support

Travel & Hospitality

   Online Travel
   Booking & Reservations


   eCommerce Solution
   SaaS Invoicing
   Billing Vendors


   B2B & B2C eCommerce Mobile Commerce
   Online Auctions


   Ad Networks
   Digital Services

Media & Entertainment

   Media Distribution
   Online/Mobile Services


   Landline & Wireless


   Corporate Education
   Higher Education & Schools
   Subject Matter Trainings

Functionality that Works

We cover a range of web-based mobile payment and billing solutions: real-time billing solutions for telecom, online banking, and mobile payment gateways, and SaaS-based e-billing.


   Standard Invoices/Invoice Templates/ Customizable Invoices
   Tax Calculations/Multiple Tax Scenarios
   Multiple Currencies
   Finance Charges Calculations
   Billable/Non-Billable Expenses
   Service/Items/Products/Custom Units Support
   Tangible/Non-tangible Goods, Subscriptions
   Expense, Time, Mileage


   Real-Time Billing
   Billing Summaries
   Overdue Statements
   Recurring/Subscription Payments
   Partial Payments
   Payments from Retainer/Deposit
   One Payment to Multiple Invoices
   Tariff Management

Customer Management

   Customer Self-Service Portals
   Customer Analytics
   Debt Collection
   Discount & Loyalty Programs
   Dispute and Chargeback Management

The Way to Success

The 21st century is not only a golden era for online businesses, but also for the internet fraudsters. That’s why you need to invest in risk management services to eliminate the vulnerabilities in your online business billing and payment model. Therefore, Glocify is worth the dollars, as we understand that very industry has its own fraud risks, so solutions also need customization.

Security Testing

When it comes to online transactions, security is paramount. Glocify can helps organizations to single out the potential issues in their payment system, and give necessary recommendations to fill those problems, before a hacker break in. We use both manual and automatic testing to make sure no flaws are left for the online buglers to conquer.


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